Whatever the reason for your interest in buying property abroad, there are many benefits to choosing Turkey as your second home; here are our top eight.

1)    Value for Money:  Most modern developments and resale properties in Turkey are built to European standards. Strict legal measures and checks are in place during the building process to ensure that all modern builds are to a high standard.Any property owner in the EU will know that buying a home is expensive. Even after the cost of the property itself, you have to consider survey fees, lawyer costs, stamp duty and the costs of any renovations that the house or apartment requires. In Turkey, you really do get value for money. Not only are properties in general inexpensive, especially compared to declining European destinations, you can get your hands on beautiful luxury apartments or villas without having to break the bank. Many of the properties you can buy are new builds with the highest quality of decor. With the exchange rate taken into consideration as well, you can get an awful lot of home for the money you have to spend. In many areas of Turkey, what would buy you a one bedroom apartment in the UK for instance, could potentially buy you a three or four bedroom villa in many of the popular towns, with the added bonus of living in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

2)    Exceptional Climate. The Southern and Aegean coast of Turkey, places such as, Altinkum, Akbuk, Bozbuk, Bodrum, Fethiye, Kalkan, Marmaris and Antalya, are recognised as having some of the healthiest climates in Europe. Long hot summers, mild winters and low air-pollution levels make Turkey the ideal location for retirement or vacations. Most of the popular resorts have well established ex-pat communities, the cost of living is a fraction of that in much of Europe, and the diversity of the landscape mean there’s a property available to suit all tastes and budgets.The beautiful climate is one of the main reasons so many people are choosing to move their lives to Turkey.

3) Turkish Hospitality. Turks are well known for their hospitality. They are some of the most welcoming, harmonious and sincere people you could possibly meet. Many Turks in cities and coastal resorts speak excellent English. But even where they don’t Turks will find a way to communicate and be understood. Turks have a great knack for making you feel at home. Smiling, gesticulating, babbling or calling on an English speaking friend to help communicate is not uncommon and utterly endearing.

4)    Cost of Living

No matter which part of Turkey you are in, you will find that most things you pay for in Turkey are considerably cheaper than at home. Electric and gas, council tax, renovations, maintenance, food and drink, everyday groceries, transport and even petrol cost just a fraction of what it does in the EU meaning that every day living costs are much, much cheaper than they would be in your home country. So, not only would your property be less expensive, the running of it would be affordable leaving you with more disposable money to enjoy the wonderful benefits that Turkey brings.

5)    For All Budgets

Whether you have expensive taste or budgeted finances, you will find a wide variety of options to suit all lifestyles. Property options in Turkey range from a modest one bedroom apartment to lavish 5 or even 6 bedroom villas with private pools and stunning grounds. Decor can be simple and minimalist which saves money, or if can be extravagant and of the highest quality. Even the grandest of homes in Turkey only cost a fraction of what you would pay in the EU and so the budget options are extremely affordable.

2-bed apartment with magnificant sea views to the front

6)    Buying a property in Turkey is easy in most cases and completion can often be done in a matter of days. You are normally expected to leave a deposit to take the property off the market, a majority payment soon after, and the final percentage on completion/title deed transfer. You can get the title deed on your name within a day…

7)    Turkish Food

Largely the result of a rich and diverse cultural history, Turkish cuisine is a mouth wateringly good array of fresh meat, fish, vegetable and sweet dishes. Most regions have their own specialities but, on the whole, Turkish family meals are cooked from scratch using organic ingredients brought at local markets. Cities and resorts do offer a wide array of international restaurants for those missing a taste from home, and an increasing amount of import shops where international ingredients and supplies can be found mean you are unlikely to miss out on what you fancy.

8)    History

Turkey is a country with thousands of years of history dating back to the Roman Empire and the latest Ottoman Empire. Whether you are in the old capital of Istanbul or near the ancient ruins in Ephesus or in the wonderful caves in Cappadocia you can always smell the history within the country. In fact, wherever you are in Turkey, you are not far away from a world of history with ruins scattered across the land. Even a hike on walking paths in many areas will bring you across magical little patches of unrestored buildings that have a wealth of a past. In the past few decades more and more have been discovered and local councils are making an effort to restore and renovate many of the ruins which are available to be viewed and explored. But it’s not just ancient history that interests visitors, even recent history can be fascinating, such as the Greco-Turkish war of the early 20th century and the population exchange that has left many old Greek ghost towns across Turkey.

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