Perhaps the best place to witness the seasonal changes is the Black Sea region where dense forests resemble endless oceans. In autumn, the Black Sea forests are adorned with shades of yellow, brown and orange, heralding the coming of winter. The forest in Giresun’s Şebinkarahisar district is a frequent destination of those who want to see this sea of trees before they shed their leaves in winter and soak up the last drops of autumn sun.

Standing out with attractions such as Lake Çatalgöl and the Çağlayan Waterfall, the Şebinkarahisar district is the best place for photographers, both amateur and professional, as well as for those who want to spend time amidst nature with their family and friends.

The first stop of the visitors of Şebinkarahisar is the Tamzara neighborhood which is famous for its hundreds-year-old houses that represent the architectural heritage of the Black Sea region. The neighborhood is also located in one of the best natural settings in the region, which gives photographers a chance to have their own studios in the open air. Visitors who head to Lake Çatalgöl through the Road of the Virgin Mary witness the best of autumn as the road is covered with tall trees draped in the colors of the season.