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You’ve chosen your property, have your finances ready and are eager to jump into the Turkish real estate market so what happens next.

We will double check at this point, that the seller’s paperwork is 100% up to date. This means checking the title deeds match details at the land registry office, the property is debt free, and also has an Iskan (habitation certificate).

We can recommend a list of independent lawyers and translators, or you can source your own. Once contracts detailing terms and conditions as well as payment plans have been drawn up a deposit to secure the property will be needed, and we will start to Title deed transfer progress.


You can get the title deed on your name within a day…


With the new law now “the military search aspect on foreign property buyers lifted”

The lifting of the military search element means that buying a property and obtaining the property deeds can be done on the same day, just as it is for Turkish buyers. In the early days the military search could take up to three months to complete and was a window of opportunity for all manner of scams.


Criminal elements would resell a property several times or put the title deed in the name of a friend and then disappear with the buyer’s investment.


The law was later modified in May 2011 when it was declared that a military search wasn’t required on a foreign buyer if the property they were buying in a private complex, for example, had already been subject to a military search in the past.


This was lifted as a result of agreements with the Turkey’s General Staff, the Ministry of National Defence, the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning and the General Directorate of Land Registry Cadastre.