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We Buy Houses Cash & Fast

We buy and sell resales properties & land in the Didim,altinkum,bodrum& akbuk area

Our Valuation team will check your property, and then offer you a price. You will not be charged a fee. The whole selling process can be completed within a day in most cases. If you agree to the price, we will then actively market your property to the Turkish Market.

We could also offer your property to our group of investors. This will ensure that you have your money within a few days. However, bear in mind our investors are the ones taking the risk and the offer price will reflect this.

Property price has been in a slump for a while globally. Due to the poor market, and while selling at the moment, you will receive an amount that is perhaps lower than the price you paid for the property. Turkish people are buying now and your resale has to be realistically priced.

Turkish people are now purchasing in our area in large numbers. You will be quoted in Turkish Lira as the pound and euro are very strong. You could have a benefit here as should you decide to deposit your Turkish Lira from the sale into a Turkish Bank, you would receive an attractive interest rate, sometimes up to 11.00 %. This could counteract any losses you make on your property.

You can sell your property without having to come to Turkey.

You could elect us power of attorney to sell on your behalf.

Your UK solicitor can arrange this for you.

Should these conditions be acceptable to you, then we can arrange to view your property at the earliest convenience.

We will value you property and offer you the current value.

However, you must bear in mind these economic factors whilst considering our offer.