Can l take my pet to Turkey and what documentation does it need? 

Yes, you can take two pet cats and dogs to Turkey from the UK nad vice versa providing all the necessary paperwork is in order and they have had all the specified vaccinations. In recent years, the procedure for taking pets into or out of Turkey has become more or less reciprocal between Turkey and Europe as well as the UK. You will generally need to allow four months before the pet can travel and as a guide, to complete the procedures as follows for either cats or dogs:

This article details things you need to know but procedures always change so double check with the Turkish consulate in your home country or use the services of a professional pet transportation company.

What do l need to do to take my pet to Turkey?
These procedures must be folowed before you can take your cat or dog to Turkey.
• The dog / cat must be microchipped
• The dog / cat must be vaccinated against rabies (this can be done on the same day as the micro-chipping) country for a titer test to be carried out in order to ensure the efficacy of the rabies vaccination. Allow a month for this, although the results should be back in about two weeks.
• After this, there is a “home quarantine” period of three months. Again, it is important to ensure a full 90 days has lapsed from the date of the local vet’s blood test in the case of the pet travelling from Turkey. Animals leaving the UK can travel prior to the 90 day wait but they may be required to complete home quarantine in Turkey arranged at local customs on arrival.
• In the case of the pet departing from Turkey, 48 hours before departure, your pet will need to be treated for parasites (worming, fleas and ticks), the passport (or equivalent pass book in Turkey) will need to be updated and stamped by the local vet, and a Health Certificate gained from the State Agriculture Department in accordance with the method of travel (air or overland) at which stagethe microchip will be checked to ensure it scans corretly. Your local vet can arrange this. In the case of a pet departing from the UK , a DEFRA export licence will need be to gained and completed by a UK government vet and smilar health checks and parasitical treatment will be needed. In all participating countries, the animal will need to be examined prior to departure and the passport or passbook stamped to confirm the animal is in a healthy stat efor travel.
• The pet now has five days in which to reach its destination

• Use of a pet transportation Company. It is highly recommended you use a reliable Agency to ensure the above procedures are carried out strictly. There are various pet transportation companies available to help with transporting pets from the UK by air.
• Do your homework before booking flights. The only airline that will currently transport pets to and from the UK to Turkey is Turkish Airlines and only via Istanbul. The transport pets by air from the UK , we highly recommend the use of a specialist transportation Company. Animals under 10 kilograms in weight are treated as excess baggage status and can travel with the passenger in the aircraft but you would need to check with the airline regarding what they consider a suitable pet carrier.

If you do not want your pet to travel by air, Paws Bulgaria has transported over 2000 animals to and from Turkey and the UK via road.