Turkey is a land of contrasts, from its sun-drenched beaches to its soaring mountains. Filling the gaps are the great city of Istanbul, world-class coastal resorts, historic ruins and monuments, Aegean olive groves and hilly hinterlands. Whether you choose to indulge in Turkey’s many wonders by buying a holiday home or moving here permanently, you will need to obtain a residence permit.

These fall into three categories: short-term residence permits, long-term residence permits and family residence permits.

Necessary paperwork for 1 year permit

You’ll need a bit of patience as you weave through certain mini-challenges to get your permit.You will have to fill in an application form on the Turkish Government website: https://e-ikamet.goc.gov.tr/

Confirmation of Address: Freely available from your local Council Office (Belediye). Produce a current bill or tapu (title deed)/rental agreement indicating your address. You’ll receive a piece of paper.

Bank Account: A photocopy of your Turkish bank account showing a minimum of 19, 236TL per person. This can be obtained from your bank, free of charge, and should be dated as close to your chosen application date as possible.

Passport: One that has more than six months left on it. You’ll need to obtain a colour photocopy of the personal picture page.

Biometric Images: You’ll need to obtain four biometric photographs that measure 3.5cm by 4.5cm – and are within six months of application. Scan one into your laptop as this is required for the online application.

Health Insurance: You need to obtain health insurance – either private or the government insurance SGK. This needs to cover you for at least 12 months at the point of application.

Title deed (Tapu) : For those that own their properties, they will have had a title deed (Tapu) issued at the point of sale. Or if you are on renting, they will require a rental agreement, signed by themselves and their landlord. This form then needs to be notarised at a local notary office.

On the date of the application, take all your documents (originals and photocopies), and present them to the relevant officer. Than you would need to go to tax Office where you will have to pay $80 (or the equivalent in Turkish Lira) for the one-year application fee and 72TL for the permit card.The tax office will hand over a receipt which needs to be taken back to the GOC Idaresi office and added to your application documentation.

Finally; There is no average time length to the arrival of your permit, but be prepared to wait. You will receive a text message from the Post Office (PTT) confirming the permit has been issued and will be delivered to your address.