Academy award-winning actors Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas embarked on a world tour to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their marriage, and the couple arrived in Istanbul on Jan. 3 following an Africa journey.

The couple, together with their children Dylan and Carys, came to Istanbul on a Turkish Airlines flight from Darussalam, the capital of Tanzania, and went to the hotel where they will stay until Jan. 8.

A Grand Bazaar fan

The Chicago actress and her husband have been making the most of their recent travels.

Along with ensuring that the entire family immerses themselves in the variety of diverse cultures, Zeta-Jones as gone out of her way to document the family’s time away on her Instagram page.

Prior to entering Istanbul, the entire family was exploring the East African island of Zanzibar.

Zeta-Jones said in an interview that she came to Turkey several times and that she had loved the Grand Bazaar, according to Hürriyet daily.

The film star will include the 550-year-old historical shopping arcade on her Istanbul tour.