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We started our operations in 2000. Today, we operate as one of the main contractor and investor in construction and real estate in the wide geographical area on Aegean Coast of Turkiye. Polat Group is one of the leading companies on Aegean Coast of Turkiye with more than 50 employees. We could not be more proud of what has been achieved, and we look forward to seeing Polat Group continue it’s journey.

Although from humble beginnings, we are proud of the value we believe we have added to area we have worked in. Not only have our domestic and international assignments contributed to the economies, they have contributed to the livelihoods of our employees, their families and local communities.

Since our establishment, we have worked tirelessly for the positive transformation of the construction industry by doing our job efficiently, constantly improving ourselves, and keeping our promises. We place our employees and their health and safety at the center of the change we promise and aim for, and we are committed to fulfilling the needs of our customers in cooperation.

In our operations, we act on the ideals of corporate governance, customer satisfaction, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility to international standards. In each of our operating markets, we prioritize permanence and patient step-by-step growth with innovative works, in compliance with the universal principles of competition.

We combine our international experience with our advanced knowledge and financial strength to lead the way in the construction industry.

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Deniz Polat

Sole Proprietor



Andy Cowles


Belma Bozlak

Office Manager

Victor Nikolaev

Russia Office

Michael Salstman

Manchester Office

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