Real Estate Purchasing in Turkey ​

Turkish Home Office is the leading property contraction brand of Polat Group. Our real estate agents are the experts of foreign investment. We are with you at every stage of property purchasing, from finding your dream home to getting a title deed. Our comprehensive Before and After-Sale Services help you get settled and handle all formal procedures. We believe that the transparent progress of the process is very important for the comfort and trust of the customer. So, our experts have written down the key factors of the process in the following.

Key Stages of The Property Buying Process in Turkey

Wish List

A wish list is important to find your dream home. We ask you some questions to learn your needs and expectations:

  • What is your purpose for purchasing?
  • Do you want to buy a property for long-term investment, living, or both?
  • Which region do you prefer to live in?
  • What features do you want in your home?
  • How many bedrooms does your ideal home have?

Our website has hundreds of properties in Turkey. We need to understand correctly your needs to find the right property.

Viewing Tour
We listen to your wishes. Now our portfolio team chooses the best ones and organizes a viewing tour. Our agent pick you up from your hotel for a brief presentation in our office. You can inspect them and ask any questions you want on the tour.

Sharing the same languages helps us work together. That’s why we speak more than 10 languages. You communicate with a professional who knows your language and culture in the whole process.

If you do not have time, our online viewing service allows you to handle the process remotely. You can join online tours and look at the properties as if you are there.


The Inspection Trip are for 3 or 5 days which is usually long enough for one of our dedicated advisors will guide you through the whole process, from viewing the properties to assisting you with the legalities. We will be there to greet you from the airport until you leave. Your inspection trips are fully escorted and we pride ourselves on looking after our clients. To see what this country has to offer you, book your inspection trip through one of our advisors.

Online Viewing

Buying Property Online in Turkey – Online Viewing.

Online Viewing is makes it possible for you to buy property in Turkey online by using visual communication channels, such as Facetime, Skype, Whatsapp Video Call, etc.

It may sound a bit strange to buy a property in a foreign country over the phone for most people. However, if you are working with a professional real estate company, it will turn out to be an advantage.

Turkish Home Office offers buyers a smooth and transparent process for buying investment properties online. We have completed property sales by phone with zero failure 10-15 times every year since 2014.

Advantages of Buying a Property Online in Turkey

Correct Property Match

When there is an undeniable match between the buyer’s expectations and the home features, the buyer does not want to miss this opportunity. In this case, the buyer can reserve it by sending a deposit or buy it over the phone through our guidance.


Perfect Price

Sometimes sellers sell the property below its market price. It is called a “Grab it now!” price. If you wait to travel, you miss this profitable offer.


Securing the Price

Prices in the Turkish real estate market are regularly updated on a sector or project basis. When the buyers become aware of an upcoming price increase, they can complete their online property purchase over the phone without waiting to travel and visiting the project in person.
Especially for under-construction projects, prices increase every 3 months in later stages of construction.


Limited Availability

If the target property is in a large project but the availability of the properties with demanded features is coming to an end soon, buying over the phone is preferable.
For instance, John from the UK wants to buy a two-bedroom apartment with a pool view in a project he likes very much in Didim as a holiday home. But, there are only two apartments left with these features in the project, where the apartments are sold very fast. John buys the Turkish property online over the phone. Then, we post his title deed to his address in his country.


Too Busy for Travel

Online Viewing is an alternative way when people want to invest their savings as soon as possible and cannot travel at that time.


Deposit and Sales Agreement

You choose the property you want to buy. Then we negotiate with the seller for the final price and terms of sale. The payment plan is clear now.

You pay a deposit of 5.000 GBP/EUR to reserve the property and fix the price. We communicate with the actual seller and buyer for every detail. We do not work with intermediaries.


We make sure you buy:

• The exact property that is shown to you
• From the original seller
• Debt-free
• Under agreed on terms

We double-check everything about the process before you sign the contract. We prepare the Official Sales Agreement in your preferred language for all the details.

The buyer pays a down payment within 1 to 4 weeks while signing after the deposit. You pay the remaining amount during the deed transfer.

Legal Procedures

Firstly, you need to get a tax number. Your passport is sufficient for the application. We help you get the number.

Then we open a bank account for you to make purchase payments. You can also use this account later for all your service subscription payments. The required documents are a copy of your passport and a utility bill to prove your address in your country of residence.


The appraisal report is mandatory for foreigners to purchase properties in Turkey. It shows the real property value. We work with trusted and government-approved partners for a safe property for sale purchase.

If you do not have time to come to Turkey in person for all these procedures, you can give a power of attorney to us, our property purchase solicitor, or a legal representative.


Signing the Title Deed and Moving in

Now, you are ready to get your title deed and move into your dream home. You can come to get the title deed yourself. You may also send us a power of attorney to get the deed on your behalf.

At this stage, the final payment must be made, and all property purchase taxes and state duties are paid. Congratulations! You are the owner of a home in Turkey.

We will continue to be with you after the purchase as a part of our after-sales services.

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