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Electrical goods are taxed heavily when entering Turkey. The cost of furniture is so reasonable in Turkey that it would be a better idea to sell your furniture in the UK and use that money to buy new furniture here If however you still want to bring it over you will need to use a good company in England, who will also advise you of the tracking company at this end who will do all the procedures for you at customs, once your furniture arrives Please note that you will need to have your original Tapu and you must first obtain a residency permit and you will also need to be here in Turkey, most tracking companies will insist that you attend at the port to finalize all paperwork, you will also need to take your tax number and original passports with you along with your residency permit. N.B You will need to have cash to pay all tax duties etc on the day.

Most doctors in Turkey speak English and are very well trained. Many of the local doctors have surgeries, which are well equipped for dealing with patients, some also have their own ambulance service.

It is not recommended due to the high mineral content, bottle water is advised to prevent up set stomachs.

Driving in Turkey is on the right hand side of the road. The infrastructure is generally good in towns and cities, but some of the local roads are quite uneven, so caution is advised.

Yes. Turkish Home Office can assist clients with this.

If you have a residency visa, you can have a telephone installed. Otherwise, no.

Yes you can,  there is only one satellite system in Turkey called Digiturk, there is a small monthly charge for this, dependant on what package you choose you can have a large selection of Movie channels in English, Eurosport, BBC Prime and a large selection of entertainment and discovery channels + children’s channel.

Yes it is, policies can be obtained from some banks and insurance companies. The health service is very good in Turkey, but please note that there is no NHS system. If you choose not to take out insurance please remember that you will have to pay all medical bills, even though Turkey is much cheaper than the rest of Europe, it can still be costly if you need long term medical treatment or an operation.

Yes, we can get a quote for you for building and contents.

Turkish Home Office has a full Property Management division. We do property inspections, when requested, on behalf of the clients, and report back to the clients on our findings. Please contact us for further details.

The crime rate is low in Turkey – definitely much lower than in Spain and the UK.

Facilities vary, but most major banks offer money exchange (travelers’ cheques, foreign currency, eurocheques (note that they do charge commission for these services). Most banks have a cash point system where holders of Visa, Access, MasterCard, Euro card and Delta can obtain cash. Mortgages are also available for property purchases (subject to status)

Opening hours varies, but banks are generally open from 9:30am – 5:00pm with a lunch break between 12:30pm – 1:30pm.

It is possible to open an interest account. Turkish Home Office can assist with this. Interest rates are currently between 16– 18%. For lira accounts and approx 4.5% for sterling accounts. The banks will be able to advise you on the day the best way to invest your money with them.

Yes. Turkish Home Office can assist clients with this. Clients will need to take their passports with them for the accounts to be opened and a tax number (a tax number must be taken in advance from the local tax office, if you haven’t already received one) to be able to open an account. Setting up a bank account is useful for paying utility bills via direct debit.

Yes, we can. We have a team of architects at the client’s disposal. Firstly, we would take the land title deed copy to the government land registry to check that it is in order and from there we will be able to determine how the land can be split (what percentage of the land can be used for the actual building) and what type of property we can construct on the clients behalf (e.g.: apartment block, duplex, triplex, villa). We will put our findings in a report to the client. Our architects can draw up plans according to the client’s specifications, or clients can have their own plans drawn up in the UK, and we can construct from these.

Yes, we can. We have a team of highly experienced builders, so we can easily supply a quote for clients for any work that needs to be carried out. We will also supply clients with progress reports. We do the following: General construction of the main building, installation of kitchens and bathrooms, tiling, painting, plumbing, electrical work, design & construction of swimming pools and/or surrounding gardens.

Yes you can. It would be better to do this via a bank so that money is recorded leaving and entering countries and of course for your own security so you are not carrying large amounts of money.

Maintenance costs for complexes vary considerably – from approximately £200 – £600 per year for the upkeep of the complex.  Price varies dependant on facilities & what services are provided. If you purchase on a complex you will be required to pay the fee to the management company.

Yes it is. The Inland Revenue recently published a guide book for foreigners renting out their property, which lays out guidelines on taxable income after allowances etc, which is payable to them. It is a fair system with generous allowances allowing you to keep a large proportion of your income. Free Guide books can be collected from the tax office.

Yes. We can assist clients in renting their properties out. For more information please visit the rental section of the website or contact with our rental department.

Property Purchase tax is currently 1½% of the agreed purchase price payable by the buyer, with the seller paying a further 1½% (selling tax) Community tax (council tax) once or twice yearly. Price is dependant on location and property; expect to pay between £10 & £60 per annum.

Technically, no, although we will not sell any property to clients without using a solicitor, so clients will have the guarantee that everything is done legally and have peace of mind.

They are 100% freehold.

No, it is not true. The Turkish Government has no share, stake or claim on any property that is bought by either foreigners or Turkish citizens. The property purchased will belong 100% to the buyer.

Yes. You can purchase as many properties as you want.

This will be outlined in the sale agreement /contract.  As soon as the payments have been received the developer we will send over a receipt.

Yes. If clients are in Turkey: (charges of approx 200ytl are required for the notary public + Translator fees of £30), you can give POA to your solicitor here in Turkey.

Yes, it can have as many names as you wish on it. Passport copies, full names and addresses of all those whose names are to appear on the Title Deeds would be needed.

Yes, it is possible. Non Turkish citizens would need to apply for a residency visa. Turkish Home Office can assist clients with the process; clients would only need to pay petrol costs for the journey to the official offices where the paperwork would be completed with the help of one of our representatives. Fees have to be paid directly to the local government authorities for the permit in Lira. Please contact us for latest permit prices.

Upon entering Turkey, UK citizens will need to pay £10 per person for a visa. Even though this visa is valid for 3 months (90 days), it will be a single entry visa, which means that the client will have to pay £10 each time they enter Turkey. However, if they ask for a multiple entry visa (same price of £10), then when they next return to Turkey, if it is within the 90 day period, they will not have to pay the visa fee again.

Yes, it can have as many names as you wish on it. Passport copies, full names and addresses of all those whose names are to appear on the Title Deeds would be needed.

Presently it takes several months for the army search to come back. When this is received, the property will be transferred over to the client’s name. However, it is expected that this process will soon be changed and that Title Deeds will be transferred in a much shorter period of time. However once you have paid your money you will be able to move into your property.

No, the government won’t have any claim. The same rules apply here as in English law; in that the husband/wife and/or children would inherit the property