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Legal Advice

  • You will need to appoint a solicitor to represent you. You can do this yourself or choose from our list of reputable lawyers.
  • You will need to register with the local tax office. You will need your passport and copies and photographs. The will issue you with your tax card.
  • The next stage will be to open a Turkish bank account which is very easy and straightforward to do. Bring your passports, a bill with your UK address on and your tax card.
  • Once you have chosen your property then you will make a formal offer on it.
  • Once the offer is accepted your solicitor can then look into making the following checks.
    • Check the title of the property
    • Ensure the seller is actually the owner of the property
    • Check if there is any debt on the property
    • Check that all building regulations are in place
    • Ensure that all conditions and terms are fair.
  • Once the price is settled your solicitor will draw up the contract between you and the seller.
  • With passport photos you will go to the deeds office where your application is checked. Your deeds will then be passed to the army for them to make security checks on whoever is on the deeds. At this point, any deposit should be paid to the seller
  • Once the deeds are returned to you, yourself and the sellar can agree when the full balance is to be paid.